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Προϊόντα Maped  

The Company

In a continuously developed area an area choked by summer tourism in April 1994 Maria and Manolis Bachlitzanaki Bounakis opened in an area just 30 square meters bookstore "Archetypal" with stationery, books (Greek and Foreign language) photocopies, trying to cover the needs of local residents.

Year after year and seeing that their needs are constantly increasing in 1999 moved into a new room of 80 sqm in Ancient street theater & Republic angle. Covers the varieties of the most apetitikous. At the new site the customer can print signs to
plastification, signs for public places, catalogs for the restaurant. In 2001 a new area added to the old and the new store is 130 sqm

The equipment is now added plasticizer large and copier for architectural designs. Even cutting plotter letters, drawings, inscriptions. The variety of materials grows after prostithontai kinds of painting, hobby colors and creativity.

Working summer and winter with the best the requirements of the region.