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Terms of Use

The website offers its services under the followings terms of use, which the users/visitors of the site is requested to read thoroughly and use the website only if they fully accept them.


Basic principles


The Arhetipo. website provides to its visitors/users a great number of services, sites and options of electronic trade. includes commercials of any kind. The already existing as well as any new services that are included in, must agree to the following terms of use, unless it is specifically noted otherwise. The visitor/user has the responsibility of accessing the services of and this access may require payment of fees to third parties, e.x. internet provider, or charging for the use of internet. The visitor/user has the sole responsibility of paying these fees. Also the visitor/user is responsible for his/her personal equipment with the necessary technological means which will allow him/her the access to the Arhetipo. services.




Since the visitor/user wishes to register to the the Arhetipo. services he/she agrees to:


1.     Provide real, complete and accurate information about the data that are requested from Arhetipo. in the applications for access to its contents/services and

2.     retains and thoroughly informs its registration data, so the y will remain real, accurate, informed and complete.


Member's account


Arhetipo. provides its services to its users, since they accept the website terms of use and complete the procedure of their data registration. As soon as the visitor/user has completed the registration process setted by Arhetipo., he/she will receive a password and user name of his/her choise comfirmation. The members are solely responsible for for every action made under their password, user name and user account. The members must agree to alert immediately Arhetipo. for any unauthorized use of their account and any possible security breach. Also, the members are responsible for the careful use of their account and their logout afterwards. Arhetipo. is not responsible for any damage occurs from the inability of its members to respect and follow these terms. Since the account is created, erase is not possible.


Start/termination of services has the right to alter and/or interrupt temporarily or permanently part or all of its services with or without warning to its users/members.




The member/user must understand and accept that has the right to stop the use of his/her passwords to its services or block the availability of its context to the users/members whom believes they have violated the terms of use.


Advertising has no responsibility for any contact between members/users and the third parties which are being advertised in and for any possible commercial transaction that may occur from between them.




Apart from the specifically mentioned exceptions (third parties', colleagues' and agents' copyrights) all the content, including pictures, graphics, photos, designs, texts, services and all the archives of this website, are copyright of and are protected by the Greek, European and international laws. So, none of these can be wholly or partially be sold, copied, altered, reproduced and republished, or be downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

There is an exception in the case of a sole save of one copy of a part of the content in a personal computer, for personal and not public or commercial use and without erasing the sign of origination from and without the copyright being affected. The other products or services that are mentioned in the webpages of this link and bear the signs of the respective organizations, companies, agents, units, or publishers, are their copyright, so these agents have the responsibility. The member/user must understand and accept that he/she has no right to reproduce, copy, sell or/and taking advantage, in any way, of a part or whole of the content.


Limitations of liability


Given the nature and the mass of the internet, under any circumstances, negligence included, has no responsibility for any form of damage occurs to the member/user, when he/she with his/her own initiative and by knowing the terms of this context, uses websites, services, choices and contents of the contents are provided "just as they are" with no guarantee expressed or implied in any way. Most fervently and according to the law denies all guarantees expressed or /and implied, including but limited to it, these which imply the merchantability and suitability for a specific purpose. does not guarantee that the web pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruptions or errors and that mistakes will be fixed. Also, does not guarantee that its site, or any other relevant site or servers, through which, they are in the members/users disposal contain no viruses or any other harmful elements. does not guarantee, at any rate, the rightness, completeness, or the availability of the web pages, services, options and results. The cost of possible corrections or services must be undertaken by the visitor/user and not at any case.


Links to other sites does not control the availability, content, protection policy of personal data, the quality and completeness of other web sites, in which it refers to, through links, hyperlinks and commercial banners. Hence, if any problem occurs during their use or visit, the user must report directly to the respective web sites, which have the responsibility for their services. must be considered in any case that agrees with, or accepts the content, or the services of the web sites to which it refers, or it is linked with them in any other way.




The newsletters which the visitor/user of services receives voluntarily along with his/her registration to the mailing lists, are copyright of and they are protected by the regulations of the Greek and international laws. has the right to deny registration of an individual to its mailing lists, or even erase one from them.



Applicable law and other terms


The aforementioned terms and conditions of the use, as well as any alterations of it, are under the Greek, European and international laws. If any regulation of the aforementioned terms is against the law, then it stops being valid and is removed from this context, without affecting the validity of the other regulations. This context is the total agreement between and the visitor/user of the web pages and services and commits only but them. No alteration of these terms will be taken into account and be part of this agreement, unless it has been written and incorporated to it.