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Προϊόντα Maped  


You have the right to send back the products you will buy, with no penalty and no need to provide an explanation of why you would like a refund, within five (5) days from the date you will receive the products.

In this case, you will only be charged with the cost for shipping the products back. Refunds for inks and toners can only occur after you contact us.

Refunds can only be accepted since the products you wish to send back, are in the same state in which you received them, namely, without having them been unsealed or their packing having been broken, along with their retail receipt or the invoice. Refunds with damaged packing will not be accepted.

To avoid hassle, during the delivery of your order it would be better to check the state of the products and if the packing is intact, in order to detect possible flaws, (e.x. broken product, wrong order, e.t.c.)

If you wish to send back the products you have purchased send us an e-mail.

In case the package, after typical check form our staff, has been damaged and cannot be stored again, the refund is not valid.

In this case, there will be credit for a future purchase, although not with the exact same value.

The registered client of Α can send e-mail in Α